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International recruitment is a complex process that spans several stages. Several different government authorities from Quebec, Canada and abroad are involved and a host of details must be considered. Our experienced recruiters take care of all the procedures to maximize the chances of accepting all your requests, as quickly as possible. Whether for recruitment in a country with a different language, for administrative procedures and/or for the integration of foreign workers, our experts support you throughout the process. In addition, they enlighten you on the next steps to follow.

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At Emploi Trésor International Inc., based on client requirements, we conduct comprehensive interviews with each candidate to assess technical skills and abilities. Practical tests can also be carried out to validate the practical implementation of the various topics discussed (note that these practical tests can be filmed).

We have partnerships with several countries to ensure we meet the unique needs of each of our clients (special skills, language, culture, etc.). Our large network of partners allows us to recruit workers in Latin America, Asia, Africa as well as certain European countries.

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Yes, it's possible. We have partnerships that allow us to offer French-speaking candidates to clients who request them.

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Yes. Emploi Trésor International Inc. offers a 3-month guarantee for all placements for which it manages recruitment.

In the majority of cases, companies must submit a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) request in order to obtain authorization (from different levels of government) to hire foreign worker(s). Subsequently, foreign workers must apply for a work permit from their country.

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Yes. Emploi Trésor International Inc. offers a tailor-made service. This allows you to select one or more stages of the international recruitment process, depending on your needs. We also offer a turnkey service to businesses. This service is intended for those who wish to entrust us with the entire process of their international recruitment.

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This is a study in which the company has failed to recruit Canadian workers and/or permanent residents to fill vacant positions. The company demonstrates in this study that the hiring of the foreign worker(s) will fill a real labor need at home.

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