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To be able to offer a wide range of options to our customers, we recruit in the following regions: Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Emploi Trésor international Inc. has entered into partnerships with several countries to vary the sources of recruitment of its candidates.

To choose the origin of the candidates who will be proposed to you, we evaluate, with you, the linguistic requirements and the specific skills required. We also take into account the culture of your company as well as the values conveyed there.

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Our experienced recruiters know how to find competent candidates who meet your requirements. We can set up a recruitment campaign in the region of your choice from the list above during which you can meet candidates to assess their technical skills. 

Generally speaking, workers recruited by Emploi Trésor international Inc. wish to settle permanently in Canada. Whether for its health and education systems or for its security, Canada is a country with an enviable quality of life, which makes it a place of choice for immigration.

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Foreign workers who settle in Canada for their jobs will find it easier to integrate into the country and their immigration process will therefore be facilitated.

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