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The international recruitment process may seem difficult, but our goal at Emploi Trésor International Inc. is to make it as simple and efficient as possible for your company. That's why we offer a service tailored to your needs. Our role ranges from recruitment to reception, including the integration of foreign workers. First, we collect your selection criteria for international recruitment.

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Several elements are taken into account, such as the job title, task description, required training and requested experience. By working with you, we determine the language requirements and target the country where we will recruit. We also take the time to understand your company's culture and values. In short, we do everything we can to recruit the best candidates for you!

Eligibility and job offer analysis

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We do a comprehensive analysis of your eligibility for government international recruitment programs (Company Requirements and Responsibilities).
Our analysis of the different aspects of job offers allows us to formulate clear and precise recommendations to help you better and thus promote the approval of your file.

Posting of positions (as needed)

To meet the requirements of the Government International Recruitment Program, we manage job postings (if necessary) based on government criteria.

Pre-selection of candidates

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We recruit candidates according to your selection criteria and we analyze their professional background in detail before the interview stage. We also take care of the reference checks and the medical and legal checks of each candidate before presenting them to you.

Recruitment mission (if needed)

If you wish to do so, it is possible to meet the candidates in person during a recruitment mission with a representative of Emploi Trésor international Inc. We are fully responsible for the organization of this trip in order to allow you to meet the candidates that you will have previously selected. During this mission, you can also test the technical skills of the candidates before your final selection, as you would for canadian candidates.

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Government authorizations

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To ensure that you obtain the necessary government authorizations to hire foreign workers, we take care of the complete preparation of your file. We also take care of work permit and visa applications for your workers.

Preparation of workers

We ensure that we adequately prepare the workers you select upon their arrival in Canada. They are well informed of their rights and obligations as workers, Canadian laws, customs and the Canadian way of life. We also manage the purchase of plane tickets for workers with you.

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Travel and Hospitality

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To ensure their departure without delay as well as their reception in Montreal, our team is present for the workers at the airport and ensures the smooth running of the trip. Of course, you can also be present to welcome the workers when they arrive, in our company.

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